Three worlds, one company:
Essential, Fashion and Eden.

Fabrics Finishing

Future microfiber recognizes the extraordinary potential of microfiber as a particularly innovative material and is committed to creating customized solutions to meet customer needs by offering a unique and sustainable microfiber.

This happens thanks to the countless processing of the initial material in order to obtain a creative and exclusive ennobled microfiber.

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Our product range

One material, endless fabrics finishing.


"This is what constitutes or contains the essence of a thing; substantial, indispensable".

The products in this category are particularly appreciated for features such as lightness, breathability and resistance to abrasion and tear. The Future Essential line collects basically our MUST HAVE.

Ours is a material with a highly technological composition adaptable to multiple uses. Future creates a microfiber for footwear ideal for many sectors from the medical, to accident prevention and sportswear.

Products made with technical microfiber are used in the linings and uppers for footwear and in linings and reinforcements for leather goods. Future microfiber gives structure and consistency of the products offering a pleasant feeling to the touch. The use as lining can also contribute to the aesthetic appearance, thanks to the wide range of colors and finishes available.


Microfiber transformed into trendy materials. Technicality becomes a trend.  

Future microfiber is transformed into a trendy material, with increasingly larger brands choosing it as an alternative to leather, fabrics and synthetic materials. The Future Trend line aims to respond to the growing market preference.

The microfiber of the Future Trend line offers prints and creative patterns, coupled microfiber and "leather effect" coated microfiber to create innovative and always fashionable products. A microfiber with a soft texture and easy to work during assembly.

The glitters of the Future microfiber, with a very soft finish, are particularly resistant to bending and offer excellent adhesion with a capacity of up to 150.000 cycles.

Thanks to the emblematic ennoblements to which it is subjected, the Future microfiber is transformed into innovative material with high aesthetic value. A perfect product for the realization of the most characteristic and ambitious projects.

Stardust Microfiber
Microfiber Roadleaver


Environmentally friendly microfiber, a collection of certified fabrics.

The Future Eden line expresses a new concept of microfiber. Innovation and sustainability are the main features of this collection in which Future Microfiber demonstrates the commitment to respect and safeguard the planet.

Future uses recycled materials from industrial waste to create GRS® and RCS® certified microfiber. An added value that represents our sustainable promise, guaranteeing quality, excellence and a Made in Italy microfiber.

Endless possibilities of microfiber

Suede effect microfiber

Application: lining and upper for footwear and as a lining for leather goods, available in various thicknesses: from 0.5mm to 1.8mm.

Microbase for reinforcement

This is the ideal support to strength the internal part in premium bags due to its lightness, softness and versatility.


pu coated microfiber
for technical application

Waterproof and breathable with excellent physical and mechanical properties.

pu coated microfiber
for trainers
and leathergoods

Leather-effect textures on microfiber.

on microfiber

FABRICS with microfiber

Microfiber is the ideal backing for any fabric. It provides a soft touch, making it easier to work during the assembly.