We work using recycled and scrap materials and our purpose is to increase sustainability in any
production process.

Future for Future

Our strong aim is to contribute to save our planet and our future through concrete and sustainable projects and actions.

Future is committed to creating a sustainable microfiber, looking for solutions with a limited environmental impact. In this way we want to embark on a path towards a sustainable world by embracing a new lifestyle in greater harmony with nature.

Future microfiber is the result of the commitment to sustainability that we pursue with pride and perseverance.

Sustainable microfiber

The fashion market pays more and more attention to the production processes and substances used in the processing and production of textile materials, in our case we respond with Future microfiber.

In this perspective, Future follows a production path as much as possible aimed at respecting the environment and with greater awareness, in order to create an eco-sustainable microfiber.

Future microfiber, in fact, meets the sustainable needs of the fashion market by offering products:

  • DMF-free (Dimethylformamide), obtaining the microfiber DMF free;
  • Future is also certified GRS® - RCS®


0 Kg

Every 10 kg of microfiber can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 0.99 kg (almost 1 kg)


0 Kg

Using microfiber can reduce the use of oil
(0.25 litres per m2)


0 Kg

Using microfiber as the material for 100,000 pairs of shoes will save 600 barrels of oil per year.


Future is producing using eco-friendly processing and thank to this we are able to offer a wide range of ECO-SUSTAINABLE materials that are certified according to international standards.

Microfiber Roadleaver

The Future Eden line has been created to meet the growing demands of a sustainable market. However, it represents above all the commitment of Future to undertake a path of choices and challenges with the aim of preserving not only our planet, but also our future.

It is a collection that incudes values: quality and sustainability guarantee in all the production phases.

We want to get closer and closer to responsible production by adopting a new development model, we care about environment impact, human respect and economic sustainability, providing sustainable products in the market not only as an alternative but as the only responsible choice.


EDEN line is certified by the international agencies in accordance to specific customers' sectors.